El Gato Teatro

Gabriella Barnstone

"I can't quite articulate how yet, but I believe Barnstone has made an important contribution towards bridging the worlds of concert and social dance."

Paul Ben-Itzak, the Dance Inside

Nuevo Laredo

"…putting together creative, out-of-the-box minds is likely to lead to creative, out-of-the-box theatre--and Nuevo Laredo certainly fits that description. Each artist’s contribution is like a simple token of beauty…"

Weston Clay, Off Off Broadway

"The production features stunning mask work, sharp design, and a sound track that is both haunting and irritatingly catchy."

"Barnstone’s choreography is clearly inspired by everyday movements, but is executed with the precision and flow of a superb cast."

"Banstone’s imagery singes."

J.J. El Far, Uptown Flavor

"El Gato Teatro’s world premiere production of Gabriella Barnstone's Nuevo Laredo is thought provoking, interesting, and exquisitely performed."

"I want to see more of Audrey Ellis, David Hale and Carlton Ward."

"Barnstone’s choreography seems new, exciting and fresh- a rarity."

Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicle

"It has been said that in order to really understand a place and its culture, you need to visit. If that is the case, to see El Gato Teatro’s dance theater production Nuevo Laredo at Dixon Place is not unlike travelling 2000 miles from New York City without having to leave the theater."

Amy Lee Pearsall, nytheatre.com


"El Gato Teatro's Heistman is a beautiful and dense piece of dance theater."

"Heistman is entertaining at the same time that it is thought-provoking."

Amy Freeman, offoffonline.com

"This is one cool show"

"the component elements of Heistman are sensationally well crafted and executed."

"It's fascinating, riveting, raw stuff"

"The concentration of the performers is remarkable...the overall effect of their work is evocative and interesting."

Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

The Dinner Party

"Barnstone composed a score that included excerpts from Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse and Matt Maher’s Hi Everybody, a blend of music, and a live jazz band, all of which bolstered and invigorated the performance with the fluidity of a film."

"I left wanting more, and somewhere in there lies the thrill of a party, or art."

Colleen Leonardi, criticaldance.com